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Friday, October 1, 2010

Transcript: 9/30/10

TOPIC: How do you recharge when the creative well runs dry?

Recharging can be a matter of sweeping out the cobwebs, finding new sources of inspiration—or both.

Suggestions for brain-clearing

Physical: take a walk; walk the dog; work in the garden; go for a swim; go to the gym; get a massage; take a nap; clean out/reorganize your workspace; leave the house; shut everything out and chill

Mental: read a book; watch an old movie; knit, crochet, quilt; work on a craft project; cook or bake; zone out in front of the TV; listen to music; stare into space; schedule a time to unplug from TV, internet, Twitter [gasp!]

Finding inspiration

Listen to podcasts; browse the internet; teach a class; attend a conference; visit the library or bookstore; take in a museum show; organize a field trip to the zoo; flip through back issues of design magazines; browse your WIP backlog; take out your supplies and play; network with other creatives, in person or online; sign up for challenges (mentioned: @taralazar's PiBoIdMo)

Full transcript below:

#kidlitart 9-30-10

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