This is the blog home of #kidlitart, a live Twitter chat Thursdays at 9:00 pm Eastern, for children's book illustrators, picture book authors, author/illustrators and friends. Check back weekly to read transcripts, comment on previous chats and suggest topics for upcoming chats.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chat Transcripts April - September 2013 (#kidlitart)

Hi everyone!

Russ, Diandra, and I (Renee) want to thank everyone for helping to make Thursday's #kidlitart chats an enormously fun, useful hour for kidlit illustrators! We've been going strong for 16 weeks and we're not planning to stop anytime soon!

Every week, after the chat, I post the transcript to Storify. That way, if you miss the chat or want to reference a conversation from the night, it's available! Below is a list of every topic we've covered so far and a link to the corresponding transcript. Just a little light reading... ;)

If you have any suggestions for upcoming topics you'd like to discuss in the coming weeks, please leave a comment here or tweet at @kidlitart using the hashtag #kidlitart.

Thanks so much everyone! We have the best, most supportive community of artists EVER!

25 - Do’s and Don’ts : Conference Etiquette 

2-Dreaming Big

9- How You Promote Yourself?

16- Sources of Inspiration (doesn't have to be directly art-related)

23- Editing Your Portfolio (knowing when to cut old/weak pieces)

30- Refreshing Non-Art Activities (filling the creative well outside of art)

6- Favorite Tools (mediums, software, programs, etc.)

13- Book Keeping (software, methods, How do you run your business?)

20- Opportunities (conferences, contests, gallery shows, workshops, retreats, etc.)

27- Following Up (post-submission, post-conference contact, etc.)

11- Checking in on Professional Goals in 2013

18- Online vs. Paid Book/Directory Presence

25- What do you wish you had known at the beginning? (Topic suggested by Penguin Art Director, Giuseppe Castellano)

1- General Chat

8- Must-Have Children's Books.

15- Sketching (How often & what're your subjects?)

22- Online Resource Share (articles, tutorials, etc.)

29- Museums & Other Points of Interest for Artists

5- Classroom Visits and New Art Supplies

12 - Dealing w/ Distractions