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Thursday, July 17, 2014


Congratulations on completing the annual #kidlitart Picture Book Dummy Challenge, everyone!  We know it was a struggle at times, but you stuck with it, and now you get to say you're winner! Congratulations to everyone who participated. We hope you have a solid picture book mock-up ready for submission to publishers and/or agents ready to go.

(Winner's badge forthcoming. The tablet and pen are being real tools right now. haha! Get it?)

To celebrate all of the hard work you have put into this challenge, we are rewarding you with a surprise! Julie Matysik, editor of Sky Pony Press, will read #PBDummy Challenge submitted pitches and select one or two for submission. That’s right folks, your picture book dummy could be reviewed and critiqued by an editor!

Now, in order to participate:
1.You need to have signed up with us here
2. You have a complete dummy: complete manuscript, sketched out spreads, plus at least one completed final art spread.
3. You must submit your two-sentence pitch in the comments section of this post by midnight on July 24th
4.If you need help on formatting a pitch check out: this post or this one or this.

Well done, everyone. Now that you've completed the process, the next one should be a cakewalk. HA!

Good luck!
Diandra, Renee, and Russ
ps.- Don't forget that next week we will have Postcard Boost #2. Get those promo sketches ready!