This is the blog home of #kidlitart, a live Twitter chat Thursdays at 9:00 pm Eastern, for children's book illustrators, picture book authors, author/illustrators and friends. Check back weekly to read transcripts, comment on previous chats and suggest topics for upcoming chats.

What is #kidlitart?

KidLitArt chat was co-founded by Bonnie Adamson (@bonnieadamson) and Wendy Martin (@wendymartinart) in late winter of 2009.  It came about after several dozen children's book illustrators kept creating splinter conversations on #kidlitchat. 

During one of these splinter convos, someone mentioned illustrators should start their own art chat since they seemed to be always wandering off-topic to talk about illustration during the chat. Bonnie insisted it was Wendy. Wendy asked Bonnie if she would host the new chat, which she agreed to do with one caveat, that Wendy co-host the chat with her. Wendy agreed. And #kidlitart was born.

The chat ran continuously for over 2 years, (except for Thursday holidays) until Bonnie stepped down as co-host in mid 2012 and Greg Matusic (@Matusic) stepped in to fill her place. Greg and Wendy kept the chat going for another eight months before other obligations forced them both to step down as well. There was a brief hiatus before Diandra Mae (@DiandraMae), Russ Cox (@smilingotis) and Renée Kurilla (@reneekurilla) took over in 2013. In 2015, two more moderators were added, Blythe Russo (@blythe_russo) and Rubin Pingk (@RubinPingk). Renee and Russ stepped down at the end of 2015. 

To find out more about Diandra, Rubin, and Blythe swing by the #kidlitart chats at 9pm EST every Thursday evening. Blythe posts the chat transcripts weekly.

If you're interested in seeing their art, click here:

Diandra Mae: http://diandramae.com

Rubin Pingk: http://www.rubinpingk.com/home/
Blythe Russo: http://www.blytherussoillustration.com

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