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Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 #PBDummy Sign Up

I'll put some motivating and inspiring words here later for y'all, but this is the post where you need to comment with your first and last name to let us know that you'll be participating in the 2016 Picture Book Dummy Challenge. You plan to complete the mission and all that. ;)

Deadline is January 31st!

Week 1-Getting Started

When we were talking about the return of the Picture Book Dummy Challenge, we were hopeful that because of the #writedummy challenge, and our growing community that participants, would have at the very least a solid idea that they would want to pursue and turn into a picture book dummy. 

Now is the time for everyone to take a good look at that idea notebook you have stashed away and follow through on one of those ideas.  We're going to make a picture book. 

If you are at a loss as to what to do: You didn't write a story for #writedummy, you have no idea notebook to pull from, you didn't even find out about #kidlitart or any of this until TODAY as a matter of fact- don't worry. You have plenty of time to figure out what you're going to do. In fact, why don't you head to Tara Lazar's blog and read up on all of the archives she has for her PiBoIdMo (picture book idea month)? 

If you find yourself stuck because you have so any ideas you're not sure where to turn, ask yourself this: which idea is one that only YOU can bring to life? Which idea makes you feel a little dizzy with the excitement of turning it into a book? Which idea makes you sick just thinking about it never being seen by anyone else or being shown in the light of day? Which idea are your fingers positively itching to wrap a pencil around? THAT'S the idea for you. 

That idea is one you are passionate about. And you're going to need passion. Creating a book is a long, sometimes slow, process. You're going to need passion to drive you and push you and help you endure the wait.  

Enough talking, it's time for some action. We have quite a journey ahead of us.