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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Special guest Wendy Edelson

We’re thrilled to welcome illustrator Wendy Edelson (@wendyedelson) as our guest for #kidlitart this week: Thursday, October 21, 9 pm Eastern.

Totally self-taught, Wendy calls herself “ridiculously driven,” working seven days a week to realize her dream of becoming an illustrator. She says in the beginning she knew absolutely nothing except that she could draw, but she was determined to learn, going on interviews for freelance ad agency jobs by day and studying library books for technique at night.

Wendy will take questions on how she developed—or, rather, recognized—her own unique style, and how she has successfully carved out a place for her work in online marketing, children’s book illustration, and art licensing.

Check out her portfolios at http://www.wendyedelson.com, and news of current projects and awards at her blog, http://www.elevenlemons.blogspot.com.

See you on Thursday!

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