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Thursday, January 25, 2018

#BAPC- 2018 Edition!

One of the most important factors in an illustrator getting assignments is their portfolio, so last year we went back to basics for our annual art challenge. We launched the Build A Portfolio Challenge, or #BAPC.

This year we're kicking things up a notch (because as Blythe has said, we love you guys and want you to grow) so #BAPC's theme for 2018 is: Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Here is how it will work: 

1. During the last #kidlitart chat of each month a #BAPC18 portfolio prompt will be announced. These prompts are to be completed during the month following the announcement. You can take as long as you like to complete them. The goal is to have new pieces to add to your portfolio when the challenge concludes this summer. 

2. The chats where the prompts are announced will focus on the theme of the prompt shared. Obviously everyone and anyone will still be able to participate in the chat. It will be children's illustration centered.

3 We will have three scheduled Show & Tells for participants to share their #BAPC18 pieces for critique, or just to get a pat on the back for finishing. If participants would like additional critique  this can take place in the #kidlitart Challenge FB group and will be self-directed.

4.  When you post your work on Twitter and especially Instagram, be sure to tag it with #BAPC18 so the #kidlitart community sees it! It wouldn't hurt to tag it with #kidlitart, either.

5. After every #BAPC18 prompt is announced in the #kidlitart chat, it will be added to the list below so that folks who miss the chat can keep up.

#BAPC18 Prompts: 
Draw a group of animals you are uncomfortable with or don't necessarily enjoy drawing. The group doesn't have to be the same animal, but it can be. Animals can be anthropomorphic- this is your portfolio, build it how you want- but aren't required to be. 

* Reference is your friend!
*Keep those dynamic compositions in mind! Don't stiffen up and get too "pose-y."
*The #kidlitart28 challenge (28 days of drawing something you love) will also be going on, so feel free to combine the two or keep them separate, but let us know you're participating in both by tagging your work with #BAPC18 & #kidlitart28.

Draw a crowd scene showing a range of diverse characters, ages, and races. How large the crowd is, its location, its purpose, and mood is all UP TO YOU. Think about the kind of stories you're telling. What would a crowd look like in one of your books? 

*If you're having a wide variety of ages, toddlers to adults for example, be sure you get those proportions and ratios correct. Use reference when you begin before you stylize. 

Draw a scene depicting your biggest fear. This is to showcase your mastery of different facial expressions and poses. 

Draw a scene featuring at least two vehicles. They should be two different vehicles (models or types of machinery), and at least one of them should have two characters riding/driving/inside of it. 


Questions? Comment below!

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