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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Howdy #kidlitart-ers! I hope everyone is having a lovely summer. Here at #Kidlitart we're about to hit the end of our calendar of topics, so it's time to hear what you'd like to talk about on our weekly chats. I think we've established a few favorites, so we will definitely be revisiting : Postcard BoostShow N Tell, and Art Crushes.

Do you have specific topics on craft you'd like to discuss? Promotion? Research? Publishing? Agents? Anything and everything to do with being an illustrator in the children's publishing industry is up for grabs. Give us your ideas in the comments, and we'll see what we can do to meet your needs.



  1. Hey, Diandra :) This was just mentioned this in #kidlitchat tonight and Dani gave us the link. I can think of a couple (can't remember what's been discussed in the past and revisiting is often a good thing anyway).

    Favorite books on illustrating for picture books/kidlit.

    Favorite online courses on illustration.

    Favorite online courses for photoshop.

    Any online courses/tutorials free that are good.

    If some brilliant idea pops into my head, I'll let you know! :D

  2. Hey, Diandra
    How about tips for bypassing the Slush Pile (beyond SCBWI conferences)
    Favourite illustration tools (any new products we should know about?)
    How to deal with bad clients/how to avoid bad clients

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