This is the blog home of #kidlitart, a live Twitter chat Thursdays at 9:00 pm Eastern, for children's book illustrators, picture book authors, author/illustrators and friends. Check back weekly to read transcripts, comment on previous chats and suggest topics for upcoming chats.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

While we know our chats seem effortless and often fly by the seat of our pants, we do put some thought and planning into them. We try to meet your needs as professionals in the publishing industry.

With that in mind, here is another call for topics. Brainstorm and consider all you wish to discuss, learn about, figure out, and just plain understand. No topic is too silly or taboo-as long as it's related to illustration and/or the children's publishing industry.

We still have a pretty great line up of topics through the end of the year, so anything posted here will most likely put into rotation starting in January.

You guys helped create a pretty great little community, and we'd like to keep that going, so be sure to leave your thoughts down in the comments section.



  1. This might've been a topic already - We all know we need to show/share our art online via websites & social media to be discovered BUT How much is enough and is it possible to over do it?

  2. mixed/unconventional media art creation. good combinations, bad combinations etc... (sorry if this is a second comment, i don't think my first one went through correctly)

  3. #kidlitart For a topic idea, I'd like to learn about all the tech geek stuff. Phtoshop, good and bad computers, how often to update, ect.

  4. Hello, I would love to see a topic on perspective in picture books, illustrations, and fine art. I keep hearing about pushing perspective in illustration and would love some inspiration from the amazing #kidlitart community. Thanks!