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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Call For Topics

Howdy #kidlitart-ers! We're about to hit the end of our calendar of topics, so it's time to hear what you'd like to talk about on our weekly chats. I think we've established a few favorites, so we will definitely be revisiting : Postcard Boost, Show N Tell, and Art Crushes as well as checking in for the #PBDummy Challenge.

Do you have specific topics on craft you'd like to discuss? Promotion? Research? Publishing? Agents? Anything and everything to do with being an illustrator in the children's publishing industry is up for grabs. Give us your ideas in the comments, and we'll see what we can do to meet your needs.


p.s.- And remember! We're still looking for a Spring header for the blog. If you're interested in contributing, here are the guidelines: http://kidlitart.blogspot.com/p/header-faq.html


  1. Tyler Parker: "Not sure if it fits but I'd be curious to hear from writer/illustrators hybrids what their writing process looks like."

  2. Hi Diandra, I have a couple of ideas for Kidlitart topics. One could be on how illustrators work around everyday life and distractions and how do they stay focused? Another possibility is on how illustrators cope with back, hand and neck problems / injuries that arise from sitting at the computer / drawing boards for long periods of time - how do they set up their work stations, what kind of stretching exercises, etc.. Eye strain could be another topic as well? Just some food for thought...

  3. ‏@DonkeyTalking: "Digital artwork vs traditional, scbwi conference experiences/lessons, agent or no, & all time favorite art tips."

  4. I have always wanted to hear kidlit artists and authors discuss how they come up with a story that excites them. How does one stumble into and fall in love with a story they have written or drawn?

  5. Favorite books for creating Children's Picture Books and favorite courses online for improving your illustration skills.