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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pitch Fest!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we've arranged for an agent to review #PBdummy pitches left here in the comments section, between now and midnight Eastern time on Saturday, June 25.

The agent (whose name will be revealed at the close of the contest) will pick her top three. The winning author/illustrators will be invited to send her their dummies for detailed critiques. Awesome!!

Don't be shy. Ready, set . . . GO!


  1. A little princess gets a surprise when her baby brothers turn out to be smashing, drooling, gobbling baby dragons.

    Thanks so much Bonnie and Wendy for doing this! Now, someone else post. :)

  2. The mad Doctor Frankenswine's latest creation leaves the castle and teaches the townspeople of Transwinevania not to judge a book by it's cover.

  3. Chicky the chicken has laid a pink dotted egg! What will the others think? She secretly tells her friend Melvin the Mouse of her problems. The only real problem is Melvin mistakes her for saying "Stinky Rotten Egg" and is gone before Chicky can correct him. Each of the farm animals mistakes what the previous animal says and in the end of the tangled tales, the egg turns out (at least in their minds) to be a scary stinky monster waiting to hatch and spoil their life’s! The animals come up with a sneaky plan to steal the egg and throw it off the farm's cliffs. Only after doing so do they realize that the egg was just a cute pink fluffy chic. The animals come up with one last plan to work together and save the day!

  4. When Hurricane Katrina devastates the New Orleans Aquarium, Patience, the penguin, and 18 other penguins lose their home. With no electricity or relief in sight, the temperature in the aquarium reaches a dangerous 94 degrees, putting the penguins in peril. Tom the Penguin Keeper knows they must be relocated, so he drives his penguins to Baton Rouge where an airplane transfers them to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Eight months later when the New Orleans Aquarium is restored, Patience and her penguins come home to a jazz band and cheering homecoming.

  5. At birth, it was unexpectedly found that little Johnny Brown could not, quite literally, ever touch the ground... or tables, or chairs, or beds, or any other surface thicker than a few threads. In fact he would float one inch higher each year, it was learned, causing all around him to be astonished, annoyed, afraid and concerned. Not Johnny though, he took it all day by day, because he knew that to be happy in this world you must laugh, learn, love and play.

  6. Will Will?

    Will, a small and usually timid pig, along with his constant but silent companion, Wisp (a floppy ragdoll), are over the moon about finally being tall enough to go on the big kid rides when the family goes to Wonder World. But as Will waits in the ticket line his imagination takes flight. Will Will decide he's really ready for the big rides? In a surprise twist ending Will proves himself a most independent thinker while all along the way Wisp and readers discover wagonloads of things beginning with the letter "W".

    This story of being true to oneself though spare in text is rich in visual elements and with it's many action scenes would also lend itself well to interactive picture book app development. e.g. The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow

  7. Nana is busy in her sewing room; but what is she up to? “Why,” she says, “I’m stitching up all my hopes and dreams for you.” But how can she sew hopes and dreams? All it takes is love, imagination and a little “grandma magic.”

  8. A tiny tree frog finds that a helping hand brings big rewards.

    "Jungle Dream" is a picture book that is dear to my heart. With everything going on in the world today, a little reminder to help those in need is a lesson any child can benefit from. Very little words, but bright colorful illustrations help tell this short uplifting story.

  9. "MOOsic"

    The animals are fed up with Lulabelle's singing, and without so much as a do-re-mi they boot her bovine behind off the farm! Fed up with their rejection, Lulabelle is determined to find her way to an appreciative audience. As she hoofs it from one place to the next in her search, she deals with skeptics, adversity and a run in with the law before she finally finds the place that realizes just how much a star she truly is!

  10. Thunder makes Zoe sneeze, so she and her best friend Dante take refuge in the hall closet. But huddling under a canopy of old winter coats quickly gets boring. Fortunately, this duo is only one more sneeze away from discovering their inner dragon.
    One-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thou...BOOM!

  11. "Pirates Go Shopping"

    Newfound treasure?

    No place to bury it?

    What's a pirate to do? Go shopping of course!

    Come on an adventure with Captain Goldbeard and his oddball crew as they set sail for The Big City and a monsoon of a shopping spree – the finest foods, the trendiest clothes and the latest high-tech gadgets. But these scurvy shoppers soon discover that no one in The Big City sells what they're really looking for.

  12. The Garden Under the Bridge.
    A variation on the Billy Goats Gruff. A sir lives under a bridge and to sustain himself grows a beautiful vegetable garden. Local kids find it and cause damage but eventually learn from the gardener the joys of self reliance.

  13. Map? Check
    Treasure? Check
    Aaaaarrrrrrg! NO shovel!
    Swabby Poop the Pirate takes to the high seas in search of a shovel.
    Cpt. Duck and Cpt. Nuther Duck join in his travels.
    Together they venture into the city to find a shovel.
    But is the treasure really worth all the trouble?

  14. Greg, I just about died laughing when I saw your post. I knew from the beginning that we were both doing Pirate themes. But this is too funny!

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  16. Zippity Zoom

    How can someone so small cause so much trouble?

    Zoom along with a tiny mosquito who loves to sing, but is clueless about the effect his high-pitched voice has on others. After annoying everyone he meets, an unexpected event changes his tune. This song brings together a new set of friends.

  17. Pitch Fest is now closed. Thank you for sharing your pitches--lots of fun stuff here!

    Winners of the professional critiques will be announced at the #kidlitart/#PBdummy wrap party chat on Thursday, June 30 (9 pm Eastern), and posted here on the blog that evening.

    Best of luck to all!

  18. Michael - I always knew we were on the same wavelength. :)