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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thumbnail storyboards, week 2

We're giving thumbnail storyboards another week because things change.

This is where you begin to see how the pictures and text will interact; where you see just how each spread propels the reader visually. When you look at all the spreads together (and by spreads, we mean two facing pages, which may or may not contain a single, full-bleed image), you should notice a rhythm that suits the text: close-up and choppy to build excitement, maybe . . . or pulled back a bit, with smoother transitions for a calmer feel.

You should also notice passages where there's not much happening--no real need for a change of scene . . . or passages where too much is crowded into one scene. You will probably be able to delete text, allowing the pictures to carry more of the story.

Things change!

Join us at #kidlitart Thursday, March 3, at 9 pm EST, to share how your storyboards are changing your story.

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