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Friday, November 19, 2010

Transcript: 11/18/10

[Programming note: there will be no #kidlitart chat next Thursday (11/25/10), due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. #kidlitart will return on December 2.]

TOPIC: Illustrator only or author/illustrator--what's best for you?

This was a chat filled with quote-worthy wisdom from illustrators, writers and those in between. A brief sampling:

@kellylight: Shoot for the moon--if you miss . . . you get to illustrate the stars.

@JohansenNewman: Don't wait: write the stories for the things you want to illustrate.

@aliciapadron: I just want to say to all writers . . . you guys make it look easy and it's not.

@PattyJMurphy: Like illustrating, writing is a craft and an art form . . . both take time, talent, patience . . . and cupcakes.


Post at kidlit.com on possible advantages of aubthor/illustrator

Hulla-hooping supplies! (extremely relevant, believe it or not!)

Full transcript below--enjoy!

#kidlitart 11-18-10

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