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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kidlitart giveaway!

Join us Thursday, September 9, at 9 pm Eastern for a special guest chat with zero2illo founder Jonathan Woodward!

Jonathan will discuss the importance of being part of an online community (we're with you there, Jonathan!). He will also take questions about his experiences establishing the zero2illo 12 Week Challenge--and how that in turn resulted in the thriving zero2illo Clubhouse, which continues to offer support for professionals and hopefuls transitioning into careers as full-time illustrators.

As if that weren't enough, Jonathan is sponsoring our first ever #kidlitart giveaway:

"I will be drawing a name at random from those that participate in the live chat (actual participants though not just lurkers) and will be giving away a copy of the new zero2illo '12 Week Challenge Kit' ebook. I'll also be giving away a special coupon code to all participants for $7 off the price of the ebook too (valid until Sunday 12th September)."

Cool, huh?

The rules: You MUST comment during the chat to be considered for either the giveaway or the coupon code.* We will compile a list of chat participants from the "official" transcript, generated between 9 pm and 10 pm Eastern daylight time. If you don't comment, your name will not show up in the stream--so, lurkers, it's time to de-cloak!

Our thanks to Jonathan for agreeing to jump into the fray with us; and, as always, our profound appreciation to the loyal kidlitart community--you guys are the best!

See you Thursday!

*Update: Jonathan very generously extended the coupon code to fans of kidlitart who might have missed the chat on Thursday. You will find the code at the end of the Q&A distilled from the transcript (posted Friday, September 10). The coupon is still valid only through Sunday, September 12!

Update #2: The service used by zero2illo for purchasing the 12 week challenge kit has been experiencing problems. Jonathan sends his apologies, and has extended the coupon expiration to Wednesday, September 15.

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