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Friday, August 27, 2010

Transcript: 8/26/10

TOPIC: How important is an art degree for success in illustration? What is your own background in art?

This chat evolved into one of those community-building conversations Twitter does best: a group of people with a common interest sharing opinions and experiences.
There was no way to extract one or two comments that would sum up, so here's a sampling:

@melindabeavers: "As a freelancer—I don't think anyone cares [if you have an art degree]. They judge by your portfolio and your professionalism.

@angelamatteson: "[I'm] always grateful for college, but learning never stops."

@DiandraMae: "It seems the only way to learn the business is to try to be IN it."

@JohansenNewman: "Art school does not teach you tenacity. But it may begin to toughen your skin if it's too thin."

@WendyMartinArt: "I think traditional draftsmanship is a lost art."

@johnlechner: "Another thing art school can't teach you: how to discover your style. That sometimes takes a lifetime."

@JannieHo: "I had a great time in art school, so I would recommend it. Especially all the connections I've made."

@kellylight: "I'd do art school all over again! As my current self, though . . . not that namby-pamby I used to be."

@drawntobewild: "Art school is definitely wasted on the young!"

Full transcript below—enjoy!

#kidlitart 8-26-10

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