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Friday, July 23, 2010

Transcript: 7/22/10

TOPIC: What professional associations OTHER than kidlit groups
do you find useful?

Art/design associations mentioned:

Graphic Artists Guild
Society of Illustrators
Puppeteers of America
local artist societies such as St. Louis Watercolor Society; Chicago Artist's Coalition
peer support groups

Not-necessarily-kidlit groups on Flikr and LinkedIn
Industry information sites, such as Publishers Marketplace
Illustration Friday
Adult writers' groups

*Though emphatically a kidlit organization, SCBWI got a shout-out for event discounts, volunteer opportunities, networking and support.

Chatters engage in a variety of activities in addition to illustration:
costume/set design
historical reenactment
parenting (!!!)
occasionally reading books not written for children :-)

Tweet of the night
From @johnlechner, puppeteer: "I think it's good to venture beyond your art form/genre for inspiration."

Full transcript below--enjoy!

#kidlitart 7-22-10

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