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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Transcript: 5/27/10; plus takeaways!

Many, many thanks to guest host Alicia "Kat" Dillman (@KatGirl_Studio), without whom we would have been chatless this week--we love you Kat! Looks like Wendy and I missed a good one.

TOPIC: Standing out in a Sea of Awesome. How do you promote yourself and your art?


Suggestions for promoting yourself:
Networking through online communities
Joining professional organizations
Participating in local events
Volunteering at SCBWI
Taking advantage of conferences for face-to-face meetings
Postcard mailings
Web site
School/library visits and signings

Always have handouts available for in-person meetings

It's okay to add a personal dimension with blogging, website

When presenting yourself to an AD, be current: discuss what's out there, recent conference presentations; your favorites

Face-to-face may be most the effective way to promote, but you must be prepared to handle rejection

Mailings, web site and email are a boon to introverted illustrators

For many illustrators, work would not be possible without internet and emails


Both definitions of "branding" are becoming more important for illustrators: creating a consistent, identifiable style, AND designing a "look" (studio colors, logo, etc.) for your promotional material:
Escape from Illustration Island has podcasts on style, and what ADs expect
Zero2Illo is conducting a 12-week challenge focusing on creating a business model for illustration (emphasis on marketing)

Tweet of the night:
@kellylight on face-to-face marketing:
"no fear of rejection--only fear of regret."

Full transcript follows. (This transcript was generated by wthashtag.com, whose time stamp seems a bit wonky.)

#kidlitart 5-27-10

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