This is the blog home of #kidlitart, a live Twitter chat Thursdays at 9:00 pm Eastern, for children's book illustrators, picture book authors, author/illustrators and friends. Check back weekly to read transcripts, comment on previous chats and suggest topics for upcoming chats.


  1. What is a TweetChat? It's when a group of people gather together on Twitter to discuss a selected topic.
  2. Who can participate? Anyone with an interest in or passion for children's illustration. We discuss art and working in illustration in general, in picture books, comics, novels, etc.
  3. How do I participate?
    1. Have a Twitter account. 
    2. Use a software like HootSuite or TweetDeck to track the conversation. 
    3. Whenever you tweet something directed at the group, or topic, use the #kidlitart hashtag so that we will see your comment. Without it, you are invisible to those who aren't following you on Twitter. 
    4. Keep the topic in mind during the chat. Talk can often veer off-topic as organically happens in conversation. However, do not use the chat as an opportunity to spam everyone with a link to a new book or product. If someone asks, feel free to mention it, but we are chatting together to share and connect, not sell. 
    5. Have fun and don't feel intimidated. We are a friendly bunch! Chats can fly by pretty quickly. If you just want to watch, by all means, but feel free to re-ask a question if it is overlooked in the rush.
  4. When is the chat? Chats are held every Thursday at 9:00pm, Eastern/Standard Time. They officially last for one hour.
  5. What if I miss the chat? We try to transcribe all of our chats, and a transcript will appear here on the blog a day or two after the chat has occurred. This is great for gathering mentioned websites, recommended materials, etc. 

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