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Thursday, January 31, 2019

#KidLitArt Comics Challenge 2019!

Hey gang!

We just announced our new art challenge for the #kidlitart community for 2019! It kicks off March 1st and runs until May 31st.  The #KLACC19 is chance for everyone to play with that beloved form: comics!

Here are the guidelines (not rules! This is supposed to be fun. You can't mess this up!)

1) You create a new piece weekly. To make this process easy on yourself mentally, I recommend choosing a day, like Friday, to have your piece completed by (and post) so you have a week between pieces.

2) If you decide to share your new piece on social media, please tag it with #KLACC19 and #kidlitart so the community can see your progress and cheer you on!

3) The pieces created will have comics elements like dialogue bubbles, panels, and if you go full page, gutters.

4) We will have a few chats a month that focus on Comics101 information and resources. February 7th topic is: So You Want To Make A Comic. 😉

5) The goal here is to create something fun and play! Your weekly pieces can be single panel, a traditional three-panel strip, a full page with multiple panels, it's up to you!

6) The weekly pieces can all be independent of each other, or connected as part of a larger project. Again, up to you!

7) You may consider using your #kidlitart28 prompt response as a focus for your comics. Take those characters and situations and carry them over. Put them into situations and see what happens!

8) If straight comics aren't your thing, take the techniques we're going to be discussing and apply them to creating more picture book centric pieces. Up to you how you respond to the prompt.

9) We will have a Show&Tell chat so we can all share what we made throughout the challenge.

10) Remember, your pieces aren't expected to be perfect. This is a chance to explore and have fun!The whole point is to tell stories. Play with your characters and enjoy the process.